1. Where will my hot tub be located? - this will determine size and shape you need
  2. How will I get power to my tub?
  3. What base will you need for your hot tub to sit on?
  4. Are salt water tubs better?
  5. How often will the after need changing?

Before looking at hot tubs it is advisable to establish the viable space you have in your garden and to determine the proposed location of the tub. This will help you to choose the size and shape you should look at. Other considerations are the accessibility to power. Will additional works need to be carried out in order to get power to the tub? Is there a simpler/ more cost effective location that should be considered?

The tub must sit on a base and there are several options available to you for this. The most popular choice, and usually the most recommended, is a concrete or paved base. This is sturdy and safe, however, it is also a permanent option. Would you be happy with this? Will you require contractors in to build the base? What are the cost implications of this? There are also now ready-made synthetic pads on the market. These are usually made from plastic and are
modular so give you greater flexibility if you do want to change size or location at a later date.

Tub maintenance is an important aspect of owning a hot tub. It is vitally important that the water is kept clean and that the tub in well maintained regularly. This is where the type of water system you choose comes into play. Different systems vary in terms of cost and amount of maintenance required. Make sure to discuss your options fully with the dealer so you get the best choice for you.