1. Higher density foam materials for stronger insulation.
  2. Water care systems - freshwater systems require low maintenance
  3. Warranty - ensure your hot tub comes with a complete warranty.
  4. Ensure size and seating capacity fulfil your requirements
  5. Technology - make sure you get the audio, video, gadgets you will use.

When seeking to invest in the purchase of a hot tub there are several key features to bear in mind. Firstly, the materials and constructions of the appliance. Hot tubs come in a variety of materials and some retain heat better than others. For example higher density foam materials provide greater insulation. Heat retention equals energy efficiency so always discuss this
element with the dealer before purchase.

Hot tubs are available with many different water care systems such as chlorine, saltwater, freshwater filtration. There are pros and cons for each so it important to consider which system would work best for you. How much maintenance do you want to have to do?

Are you sensitive to chemical treatments? Again a professional dealer will be able to inform and advise you on this.

Size and seating capacity is another element that needs consideration before purchase. Will this be a family gathering place? Seats offer comfort but reduce the size in which to float. Think about what you will be hoping to get out of this purchase.

When will it be used? Will it be a social spot or a post workout relaxation aid?
Nowadays the technology in tubs in advanced and the options are endless. From neon colour changing lights, to Bluetooth audio systems built in, you can pick the gadgets to suit your intended usage.

It goes without saying that buying a hot tub is a substantial investment and as such you should always ensure that the appliance comes with a complete warranty and is bought from a reputable dealer.